Plaster moldings

Gypsum is an environmentally friendly best natural material that serves as a basis for decorative plaster moldings. Plaster moldings honored numerous artists around the world. That can translate into plaster sculpture of the many facets and subtleties of human emotions. Plaster stucco has no equal in the ability to enrich the artistic decoration of the interior and exterior.

   A feature of the stucco decoration is that it can be used in any part of the interior and exterior of an apartment or house. You can frame stucco window and door openings, arches, mirrors and paintings adorn the walls and ceilings. Stucco decorative elements should be in harmony with the walls, floor and furniture. So it makes sense all the decorations in the form of moldings to coordinate with a professional decorator, whose task is to create a single comfortable space. But do yourself stucco decor - very exciting, of course, if you have a certain taste and ability to create a luxurious harmony.

   Currently, there is a new wave of active revival architectural styles on the application of the stucco decoration in the construction and decoration of buildings and facilities has become increasingly common. With the application of the stucco decoration can be implemented by a variety of architectural projects. In recent decades, stucco was able to enter into modern housing. Contemporary designers and architects used stucco decoration of all styles, from baroque and classical to modern.

    Properly selected stucco molding enriches and transforms the entire artistic and plastic interior structure, and gives it all shades of emotions, from solemn and festive mood to the splendor of the prim austerity and purity of the noble architectural lines.

    Endless possibilities open after installation - molded items can be painted and tinted wood, Ivory, marble, under a rock, totally or partially covered with gold leaf. Actual achieve different effects: aging and wear ("vintage"), "craquelure" imitate antique silver, gold, bronze with patina. Elements of modern design can be colored and even colorful (non-design).

   LLC "Alavast", specializing in the manufacture and installation of plaster moldings, is pleased to offer you a set of elements of the stucco decoration, such as ceiling rosettes, cornices, moldings, shelves, decorative lamps, console design elements of doorways, windows and chimneys, domes, niches, decorative panels, columns and pilasters, pilasters, ornaments, etc.

    You can be sure of quality and elegance of this type of finish, and imagine how well this or that kind of plaster moldings will look in your interior. On this site you can see photos of our work and evaluate their quality and professional performance.

    Besides production, we provide installation of stucco plaster quickly and professionally. Thanks to our stucco decoration of any interior completely transformed, becomes an elegant, refined.

    If you need expert advice, we are happy to answer any questions.

    Prices for our products are calculated depending on the complexity and size, as well as a discount system.