About Us
• «ALAVAST" - is the production of gypsum stucco, qualified professionals.
Our capabilities
1. Staff of experienced and skilled craftsmen perform various complexity plaster decorative elements;
2. The presence of the Advisory Group of 8 people with experience.
3. Collaboration with professionals.
Our benefits
1. Quality, speed and accuracy in their work.
2. The work of the most qualified experts for complex and unique problems.
3. Using the latest research technologies.
4. Openness of staff to cooperate.
5. Consulting customer support.
6. Participation in the international partner network.
Our values ​​are:
1. The main value of our work - maximum value of the invested effort and money.

2. Long-term and trusting relationships - the foundation of the business. Honesty - this is the first condition for the establishment of such relations.

Continuous improvement
3. This value allows us to improve the efficiency of every day, and in small matters and large.

4. We are open to communication: tell me about their problems and we will help you solve them!

5. Time is priceless: We quickly respond to inquiries, provide and implement the task.